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    Always remember to do research on herbs because they might have side effects. They might also interact with medications and could affect health conditions you might have. Treat herbs like medication and always research beforehand.

    Another treatment option is a vacuum, commonly referred to in the medical profession as a vacuum constriction device. These devices draw blood towards the head of the penis to create a natural erection, and are commonly referred to as pumps. The downside to these products are that they are considerably high in cost, as well as make it nearly impossible to have any spontaneous romance affairs.

    A more effective approach if a man was looking to increase his size is to partake in a penis stretching regimen program. In this program will the man will stretch his member 3 to 4 days a week for several weeks/months/years depending on his goals.

    Learn to be patient – Unfortunately you cannot increase your penis size at the drop of a hat! It takes time and dedication. It is important to continue exercising and not lose heart. So many guys start using penis enlargement exercises and then give up within a few weeks because they see no positive results.

    Invest in a decent exercise program – If you do a quick search on the internet you will find millions of websites dedicated to penis enlargement exercises. However, this doesn’t mean all the information you read will be good! By following a decent and reputable exercise program you stand a far better chance of naturally increasing your penis size.

    These 2 different methods of growing the penis all have their own merits, but in order to get the best results, you have to be able to use the best one. Having reviewed a lot of these tools, we can tell you that a penis extender is able to grow the penis by applying a “stretching force” to the head and shaft of the penis.

    One problem that I often notice is that far too many sources claim that women prefer more penis length, when in actuality the fact is that most women really desire a thicker penis size, Mass Extreme Reviews unless you’ve only got 5 inches or less. In this case you could probably use a little bit of increase in both length and girth.

    Scott McCormick is a college student who discovered an all natural way to quickly enlarge the size of his penis after 8 months of failure with penis pills, pumps and extenders.

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