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    Well in simple words Math Anxiety is the nervousness that one gets while attempting or coming across a math problem. It may even be a simple calculation. Remember those butterflies you get when you are suppose to make a speech in front of an audience is perhaps Stage Anxiety and it is the same feeling that you get while attempting a Math problem is Math Anxiety.

    Hiring an Math tutor is a good solution to this problem. Because the teaching of Math should be child centered, a personal tutor can be a great resource. A personal tutor will not only gauge the aptitude and level of a student and can devise learning strategies accordingly. Every student has different needs and no two students have the same learning style. In a large classroom setting, it is impossible for the instructor to take care of the learning needs of every single individual.

    The SAT carries 44 multiple-choice SAT math questions arranged in the order of difficulty- low to high. Primarily five topics are covered, i.e., problems come from these five areas namely algebra, arithmetic, data analysis and geometry. Is there any secret to doing well on the SAT multiple-choice math question section? Yes. Let us explore those secrets.

    You will not know the material and be able to pass a test if you have daydreamed in class, copied answers to worksheets and basically did not do the work.

    Boys or girls, math is important for both. It’s just a myth that Boys are better than girls at math. I think this is something that people have always believed in and therefore never guided their daughters towards math. You as a parent has a responsibility that if your child has to succeed in the world tomorrow, you start working on it now.

    Every time your child finishes her work to the best of her ability, praise her for her effort. “You really worked hard to solve those problems. I am so proud of you!” Your child will come to love your praise and attention and will work harder to earn more praise.

    Knowing math perfectly, wins chess games. When you keep winning because you know math well you will want to play chess often. Understand that people who know math and can apply it to their lives think clearly and they can process larger concepts. It is truly a good thing to know math concepts and to apply it to your chess game.

    Because we live in a world where grades and formalized assessments are so important, work with the system by differentiating assessment for learning and assessment of learning.

    How to fix it? Have a talk with your child. Explain that your feelings about math are based on things that happened to you and you never meant to pass your feelings to your child. Stress that your child is a different person, with different abilities, who is getting a new beginning. This means he/she can be really good at math and that you want to help.

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