Spray Tan Tutorial

By David
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Mar 22nd, 2013

Our very own Spray Tan Tutorial.


The following steps will result in perfect tans, every time!

Client protection

Barrier cream may be applied to the client’s palms, finger nails and toe nails to prevent staining.


Client should be upright, legs apart and facing towards you. Ask the client to turn their head slowly from side to side with eyes closed and breath held. Ask your client to raise their chin so you can spray their neck.


Spray down each arm in one even motion from the shoulder to the wrist asking the client to turn their wrists making the inside of the arm accessible.


Move to the chest and torso area spraying with smooth vertical movements, each one overlapping slightly to ensure proper coverage.


Work down the legs one at a time. When you reach knees, have client bend them slightly to pull the skin taught. Hold brush farther away from feet and ankles.


With hands out in front of body, palms down and fingers spread in a claw position, spray lightly.

Left Side

Ask client to turn side on. They should have one leg in front of the other and the arm nearest to you raised. Spray using the same technique as before, starting at the wrist and moving down the body the side of the leg nearest to you until you reach the ankle (only spray lightly at the ankle). Don’t forget inside of leg furthest away from you.

Right Side

Ask client to turn completely around so that the opposite side is facing you and repeat process.


Ask the client to turn and face the back of the tent with their arms held away from their body. Spray back of neck and shoulders. Spray backs of arms anddown the back in a vertical motion overlapping slightly on each stroke. Move down each leg one at a time in a in a smooth vertical motion.

Second Coat

It’s often a good idea to do a quick once over to ensure there are no missed areas. Repeat the above steps spraying quickly.

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7 Responses to “Spray Tan Tutorial”

  1. Tan Guru says:

    Really great video

  2. olivia says:

    Hi great tutorial Tanya, if only this was around when I first started! Yes I’m qualified, but on a day course it was a lot to take in and to begin with my nerves were shot!
    This is so easy to follow and great tips on client protection. Applying barrier to my clients nails and big toe nail is always appreciated – Olivia xx

  3. michelle spray tan says:

    Great video. Although I spray differently, I could use the tips from this.

  4. corben says:

    I spray this way with a few tweaks;
    – When done I ask the client to turn side on to do the top of their shoulders (left side on and right side obviously).
    – Start to finish I ask my clients to keep their hands in a fist shape, then with the hands in a claw-like shape mist their hands last and only once.

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