La Tanning – Review

By David
In Product Reviews
Mar 27th, 2013

latanningcircleIt’s time to try La Tanning solution which as far as i can make out, everybody LOVES! Got my samples fine, delivery was on time and packed neatly. After deciding which one to try first…… I went for the 10% DHA. Lovely! Really really REALLY like this one! Even going on and coming off! But now i am interested in the LA fast tan as it has had brilliant reviews. I will update this post once i’ve tried it.

LA Tanning Website

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10 Responses to “La Tanning – Review”

  1. Maxine Brown says:

    Good luck Tanya, let me know what you think. I requested a sample back in November 2011 and LA Fast Tan is a no for me. I have tried LA tan’s regular products before and can’t fault them to be honest they are natural looking πŸ™‚ but after I was told by the sales advisor the Rapid Formula can produce an 18%+ tan I didn’t want to know… DHA’s of 14% and above I believe have not been tested, I think look far too extreme and not the best advert for my sprays if the client fades patchy (which I would say most British skin tones would compared to their natural skin tones). Unless the formula has changed I believe this tan works on the principle that a high DHA will have only developed to a certain degree after 2-3 hours so achieving a medium tan, not my cuppa.

  2. Tanya Hyde says:

    I have also read that it does go very dark! But like you said, for people with pale skin and in a rush i think my salon would benifit from this. But then again i have younger clients who like to be very dark so maybe even then the fast tan would be suitable? But to be dark will you have to leave it on for the normal time of 6-7 hours? I think i will have to also try this out on a guinea pig as i am to pale to be dark lol. But if this is the case, is there any point in having the LA fast tan when they could just have a normal one for the same amount of time?

  3. Ann Utter says:

    I use the LA fast tan, me and my clients love it! 2 hours is fine for pale skin and anything more for darker. It goes a lovely natural colour, i can’t fault it at all. Leaving it on over night still only goes to a 12/14% though. But i do offer it as a fast tan, people are amazed this is even possible. I’m like wonder woman in my village lol

    • kiss-my-tan says:

      I think I may have to get samples of this one! It’s so hard to choose a solution so thank you for this post πŸ™‚ x

      • Tanya Hyde says:

        When you are starting up it is very hard to choose. What works for me might not work for you. Definitely worth getting samples from everyone

  4. leilani says:

    I trained with sienna x but was looking at LA tanning do u guys recommend it as im looking to start my tanning business

  5. rebecca says:

    Hi guys
    Am just about to order my La Tanning kit…. can anyone please tell me how long a bottle of tanning last ? How many bodies can you get ( ish ) out of 1 bottle ?
    Many Thanks

    • Pink Coconut says:

      Hi hun
      You should get around 15 tans from a litre and around 4 from a 250ml

  6. Pink Coconut says:

    Hi Hun,
    i trained with Sienna and have only just switched to la tan. You get around 15 tans from a litre and 4 from 250 ml

  7. Lana says:

    I use LA TANNING and j think it is the best tan you will ever come across and have never had a complaint in the just under a year I’ve been doing it. I have how ever recently used the fast tanning and I and my customers had higher expectations than it came out. My customers weren’t really that happy. Stick to your usual LA TANNING solutions though you can’t fault them

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