Spraytan Review

By David
Sep 4th, 2013
We have this week had the pleasure of receiving 3 x Maximist Evolution TNT for review / testing. We sent the 3 units out to 3 experienced highly critic...
By Maxine Brown
May 9th, 2013
Ok so this discussion is not so much about how much you charge for your personal services 😉 but how much you charge for your tans…? I am asked at...
By David
Mar 27th, 2013
It’s time to try La Tanning solution which as far as i can make out, everybody LOVES! Got my samples fine, delivery was on time and packed neatly...
By David
Mar 6th, 2013
I have seen these around for a while and i’m just not sure about them. I have read about them and they just seem hard work, especially for cleani...
By David
Mar 5th, 2013
Like most girls I am a huge spray tan fan especially this time of year when it’s still cold and the lack of sun doesn’t do anything for my ...
By David
Dec 12th, 2012
First of all i have had to purchase a 250ml bottle of this as apparently they don’t do 100ml samples anymore and recommend buying the 250ml bottl...
By David
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Sep 3rd, 2012
Spray tan tent’s are not the easiest thing to get down. Easy to get up though! So below i have done my best to help people put there tent down. 🙂...
By David
Feb 16th, 2012
Hi again! Here is my result on Nouvatan 8% GORGEOUS!!! I love the colour, the fade off and how long it lasts. This is the only percentage i will use fr...