Sienna X – Review

By David
In Product Reviews
Dec 12th, 2012

SiennaXFirst of all i have had to purchase a 250ml bottle of this as apparently they don’t do 100ml samples anymore and recommend buying the 250ml bottle. So i’ve had to buy it at nearly £20.00 for the bottle, VAT and shipping! Not impressed. Let’s hope the tan is worth it. The drying time was at least 15 minutes. The smell was really nice, i did end up sleeping in it. When i woke up i could smell that fake tan smell. And nobody likes that. After the wash off, i did find it had an orange ting to it. But the tan was nice. I would’nt rate these to be in my top 5, but everyone is different. The price of the solution is very expensive! You have to charge £20.00 just to get your money back! No thank’s! Just because it’s a well known brand does’nt mean it’s good 🙂

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4 Responses to “Sienna X – Review”

  1. Maxine Brown says:

    Hey Tanya,

    I had samples from Sienna 4-5 years ago and back then they were sending a range of samples out FREE! (think I got 3 x 100ml’s). I would be immediately put off of I had to pay for a sample to try out before committing. I understand it costs them but so many other brands are willing to send free samples they could be losing custom in the long run 🙁
    My trail of them was ok, I would say the lighter shades are much better than their dark though. I tried the light tan on myself and I found it natural and golden with a nice tropical smell (initially), then came the digestive smell. Though we are talking 4+ years ago and back then it was almost expected to have the DHA smell with most brands. I sprayed my sister in the darker shade I received and she unfortunately looked orange. She is olive skinned and tans regular with a 12%+ from another brand but this one didn’t have her usual ‘natural’ dark results. Fade-off for myself was ok, my sister on the other hand went quite patchy (though in all honesty I think this may have been her doing from attempting to scrub it off).
    All in all I decided not to go with them as the price was less than appealing and the darker shades wouldn’t be the advertisement I wanted for my tans. xx

  2. Tanya Hyde says:

    And thats from 4 years ago? I would say to try again now but only if you can spare £20 and very little people can! I sent them an email saying i think its outrageous to make us buy the 250ml bottle and have no free samples. So many other brands do it, and i think with just doing that they will have many peoples votes.

  3. kiss-my-tan says:

    This is just too expensive to buy for me. People just buy the brand x

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