Nouvatan – Review

By David
In Product Reviews
Feb 16th, 2012

Hi again! Here is my result on Nouvatan 8% GORGEOUS!!! I love the colour, the fade off and how long it lasts. This is the only percentage i will use from them.

With so many Spray Tan companies on the market, I have been asked to review and try a few of them .
This trial was with Nouvatan, having heard no bad reviews about the brand. However, no freebie samples. Now I realise it can be costly for a company if they get many requests, but surely this is good company policy ?
The solution comes in 100ml bottles of 16% and 20% which is TOO dark for my fair skin, but my friends are only too willing to be guinea pigs !
One used the 16%, the other used the 20%, and the third used a mixture of the remaining solutions (to get 18% )
It sprayed on nicely, no blotches, and the smell was ok but not the best I have tried. The next day the girls came round to see how they looked. Sorry to say the 20% was awful, the 18% a bit orangey, (though she liked it, and everyone is entitled to their opinion ) and the 16% was nice and flawless. The “biscuity” smell lingered though
Fade off was good with the 16% but not the other two.

**Update** : I finally used 8% on myself which was gorgeous, lovely colour and fade off was lasting, the only one I would use

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7 Responses to “Nouvatan – Review”

  1. Tina grant says:

    You have used the best tanning solution that is on the market in my opinion , The 20 is a fast tanning soluton so read the instructions on that one , ,for best results use the 10 and 12 always have good results with those , good luck !!

    • Tanya Hyde says:

      What shades are the 10 and 12? But i really loved the 8% so maybe i could push to a 10 or a 12 depending on what it’s like. Do you think they are dark shades or lighter than there actual percentage?

  2. Ann Utter says:

    What is the best variety of solution to have in, in this solution? Do people go for the fast tan a lot?

    • Nicky Sparks says:

      Hi there 🙂

      I’m a spray tan trainer for Nouvatan. We have 6 different %’s to suit every skin tone & preference. 8% for fair skins, 10% for light/medium, 12% for medium/dark, 14% & 16% for dark skins. The 20%, as someone else has already said, is a rapid tan….you will get the results of an 8-10% in approx 2 hours, & an 10-12% in 4 hours…..I would only advise it be left on longer than that for dark skin tones…..I started using Nouvatan as a therapist about 4 years ago now, & I love the product even more now than I did at first, if that’s at all possible! If you have any other questions ladies, feel free to ask! 🙂

      • kiss-my-tan says:

        Hello, I am just starting out and have also seen your product get a lot of praise. What shades would you say they all go? x

      • Skylar says:

        I am looking for a very brown color with absolutely no orange undertones but I have yet to find a solution. I have sampled so many tans. Do you know if any of these solutions would work for what I’m looking for?

  3. michelle spray tan says:

    Would you say these are true to there DHA percentage?

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