Nouvatan – Review

By David
In Product Reviews
Feb 16th, 2012

Hi again! Here is my result on Nouvatan 8% GORGEOUS!!! I love the colour, the fade off and how long it lasts. This is the only percentage i will use from them.

With so many Spray Tan companies on the market, I have been asked to review and try a few of them .
This trial was with Nouvatan, having heard no bad reviews about the brand. However, no freebie samples. Now I realise it can be costly for a company if they get many requests, but surely this is good company policy ?
The solution comes in 100ml bottles of 16% and 20% which is TOO dark for my fair skin, but my friends are only too willing to be guinea pigs !
One used the 16%, the other used the 20%, and the third used a mixture of the remaining solutions (to get 18% )
It sprayed on nicely, no blotches, and the smell was ok but not the best I have tried. The next day the girls came round to see how they looked. Sorry to say the 20% was awful, the 18% a bit orangey, (though she liked it, and everyone is entitled to their opinion ) and the 16% was nice and flawless. The “biscuity” smell lingered though
Fade off was good with the 16% but not the other two.

**Update** : I finally used 8% on myself which was gorgeous, lovely colour and fade off was lasting, the only one I would use

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8 Responses to “Nouvatan – Review”

  1. Tina grant says:

    You have used the best tanning solution that is on the market in my opinion , The 20 is a fast tanning soluton so read the instructions on that one , ,for best results use the 10 and 12 always have good results with those , good luck !!

    • Tanya Hyde says:

      What shades are the 10 and 12? But i really loved the 8% so maybe i could push to a 10 or a 12 depending on what it’s like. Do you think they are dark shades or lighter than there actual percentage?

  2. Ann Utter says:

    What is the best variety of solution to have in, in this solution? Do people go for the fast tan a lot?

    • Nicky Sparks says:

      Hi there 🙂

      I’m a spray tan trainer for Nouvatan. We have 6 different %’s to suit every skin tone & preference. 8% for fair skins, 10% for light/medium, 12% for medium/dark, 14% & 16% for dark skins. The 20%, as someone else has already said, is a rapid tan….you will get the results of an 8-10% in approx 2 hours, & an 10-12% in 4 hours…..I would only advise it be left on longer than that for dark skin tones…..I started using Nouvatan as a therapist about 4 years ago now, & I love the product even more now than I did at first, if that’s at all possible! If you have any other questions ladies, feel free to ask! 🙂

      • kiss-my-tan says:

        Hello, I am just starting out and have also seen your product get a lot of praise. What shades would you say they all go? x

      • Skylar says:

        I am looking for a very brown color with absolutely no orange undertones but I have yet to find a solution. I have sampled so many tans. Do you know if any of these solutions would work for what I’m looking for?

  3. michelle spray tan says:

    Would you say these are true to there DHA percentage?

  4. Hayley Wood says:

    I find there customer service disgracful to be honest there only nice to people who are spending money like most of the well known brands brilliant at first once they have the custom thats it the lady who answered the phone was very rude over a mix up on there part

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