How safe is your tanning machine?

By David
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Nov 23rd, 2017


In previous years we’ve seen many China-made product scandals and recalls. Warnings and bans on Chinese exports have been widely reported across a range of industries, from toys to personal care products, from exploding hover boards to high end phones. Including Mass recalls due to lead paint dangers. One manufacturer recalled 1.5 million products from a Chinese supplier due to lead contamination !

While rectifying measures have been taken in recent years by Chinese manufacturers, the corner hasn’t yet been turned yet.

The CPSC Regional Product Safety Office (European safety watchdog), have consistently warned of a growing number of dangerous products for sale, with most coming from China. In 2014 The watchdog said it had issued 2,435 notifications of unsafe products, which was 3% more than the year before.

The situation continues to deteriorate, despite efforts from the EU working bilaterally with Chinese producers to help them better understand EU safety standards, fuelled in part by our insatiable thirst for competitively priced gadgets.

The tanning industry has seen many examples of shoddy (and sometimes dangerous) spray tan applicators. Many customers unwittingly being sold equipment which had been originally designed for another purpose and then modified for use with spray tan

Don’t let that put you off. There are many reputable manufacturers in China that supply EU retailers. So, how do you tell if your equipment is safe?

Ask your supplier if they are able to supply an EC declaration of conformity. This is good indication of whether the equipment stands up the the rigorous standards that the EU sets

If your equipment supplier isn’t able to provide an EC ‘declaration of conformity’ you may be invalidating your business insurance and you should definitely consider having a fire extinguisher handy. I wouldn’t advise a dry powder fire extinguisher, this may damage electronics, so a CO2 option is probably best.

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