Show Tan – New formula from Suntana

By David
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Aug 3rd, 2016

Suntana kindly sent us a sample of their new ‘Show Tan’. We were super excited to try this new formula particularly after the great feedback we had read. This spray tan has been designed specifically for the performing industries, dancers, actors, body builders. Basically, anyone who needs to look good under the spotlight.

This is the description from their website;

Lighting can affect the way a spray tan appears. A tan that looks amazing in most other settings, can be less flattering under strong artificial light and can sometimes even look bit yellow. This is particularly noticeable with the performing industries (dancers, body builders, actors etc.)

Thanks to the unique light correcting properties of our new ‘Show Tan’, you can achieve a tan that performs beautifully and looks amazing under any light

Our newest formula has a unique violet base, and is quite different to the rest of our line. Violet is the opposite to yellow in the colour spectrum. This helps to filter the yellow tones and deliver the best natural brown results.

Now, me and the girls at SprayTan.Net are not dancers or performers (unless we’ve had a glass or two of wine!!) but we gave the new formula a go anyway. Wow, the results are amazing. Lovely natural tones. I know its aimed at performers but this is my new secret weapon and my favourite tan right now!

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