The FOUR secrets of the perfect Professional Spray Tan

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Feb 9th, 2017


The FOUR secrets of the perfect Professional Spray Tan

Have you ever wondered how your Spray Tan professional manages to pull off the flawless, epic tan that makes you feel a million dollars (I stuck with dollars because the conversion rate is just shocking right now!) and makes it look so easy? Well let me tell you the secrets behind the bronze.

There are four key elements to the perfect Spray Tan, so before you go ahead and book, it’s imperative you find out about;

1. The Product

Long gone are the days when all salons were spraying with the same solution, and clients wouldn’t book with you unless you sprayed with the biggest brand name in the Country. Let’s be honest, just because a brand name is well known, it doesn’t mean it’s the best for your skin. More often than not, familiarity guides choice and unfortunately this can lead to some very unhappy customers. Over the past ten years, sunless technology has advanced massively in the fake tan world. No longer do you need to fashion an orange hue to feel ‘tanned’. I have trialed many solutions in the past 14 years and have yet to find any as wonderful as Vani-T. Natural looking, long lasting, with a brilliant fade off. It ticks all the bronzed boxes!

2.  Equipment

So you’ve found the perfect solution, now the coverage requires a special kind of machine. Something that’s up to the job each and every time. As a professional, I have been known to purchase expensive machines, only to throw them away!!  The MaxiMist Pro TNT is Wilde About Tan’s equipment of choice for many reasons, but essentially, the control we have when spraying is amazing. The unit can keep up with the demand of up to 40 tans per day if required. Some can overheat after just a few tans. The piece de resistance for you, the client?  After the fine, even spray has been perfectly applied; the machine has a function to dry off with a warm air hose. Just brilliant!

3.  Professional

You’ve got the Product, the perfect machine and now you need a professional to apply it. Wilde About Tan know they do things differently, we know this because every time we tan a new client, they say “oh this is different to my last tan”. Firstly, we are a thorough team, there is no angle on the body we won’t cover. The application is more akin to a ‘mist’ than a ‘spray’ so we don’t leave you dripping wet or have the need to ‘blot’ you dry. You need a professional who actually cares. Wilde About Tan won’t just rock up and rock off. We want to make the experience as enjoyable as it can be when you’re standing half naked in front of a stranger in your kitchen!

4.  You

Yes you!  You’re not getting away with it that easily. You must maintain all the hard work your professional has put in for you and follow the guidelines we suggest. To be honest, it’s not rocket science, but following them can achieve results as impressive as rocket science!!

Article contributed by Andrea Wilde – Wilde About Tan

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