Inflatable Spray Tan Tent, Good or Bad?

By David
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Mar 6th, 2013

inflatableI have seen these around for a while and i’m just not sure about them. I have read about them and they just seem hard work, especially for cleaning. I would like to know your views though. I think i might just be set in my old ways using my faithful old pop-up tent which I find easy to use, less messing around (once you have mastered how to put it down that is!!)

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  1. Ann Utter says:

    I would also like to hear peoples oppinions on this. I think with a salon you need to keep up to date with new things.

  2. BettyBoopDoinTheDoop says:

    Hi, maybe I’m set in my ways too but I’ve always loved my pop-up tent. Its lightweight and easy/compact to transport. Did take a little practice to master the folding though! Ha ha 😉

    • Wendywootang says:

      I’m thinking of getting one of the inflatable tents.
      I like the idea of being able to put it in the wash
      Machine and dryer.
      No more putting it up in the garden and power washing it
      Getting drenched.

  3. Tanya Hyde says:

    Wendywootang- Have you read somewhere that you can put it in the washing machine? That would be a lot easier if so!

  4. Maxine Brown says:

    love love love it!! has anyone tried/seen this yet or is it just opinions?
    I heard about this in a salon mag recently and (if this is the same) it inflates and deflates in mere moments with a fan, can be popped in the washer to clean and is slightly taller than the Pop-Up versions we’ve all had the fun of wrestling with over the years (think I heard just over 8ft?).

    BettyBoopDoinTheDoop, don’t get me wrong I love my tent but come on, you can put it in the washer!! lol

    I can’t see a fault with this cubicle at all but would love if someone that’s actually seen one or has one to comment please. Is the fabric durable enough to be washed as often as my OCD’s would like? does the colour fade? and how much are they going to be? (“,)

  5. Tanya Hyde says:

    So Maxine Brown does it go in the washin machine? What have you read about them that makes you want one? I would like to know more about it as i thik i could try it, even though i am stuck in my old ways and to what i know. If there is a fan on it will it be heavy?

  6. Lisa Young says:

    Hi, The NEW TAN IN TENT is released on 28th May – And YES it is machine washable, and goes in the tumble dryer after use. The TAN IN TENT is only 209cms tall (the current pop up cubicle is 210cms tall) so only a cm difference in the size from the current tent. It inflates in under 20 seconds and instantly deflates. It has a fine micro mesh ceiling that allows light to flow through the tent to help eliminate shadowing whilst spray tanning. It also has a front floor flap that captures over spray, saving your clients floors and salons floors. There is also a velcro flap that will accommdate all makes and models of Extractor units. Once the tent has been used simply store in the specially designed duffle bag which has separate compartments for the lightweight blower and tent. The Tent is lightweight and portable and is ideal for salons who wish to wash their tents in-between clients. THE TENT IS LIGHTER than the current spray tan cubicles that we use – so nice and easy to transport. The TAN IN TENT is made from specialist material and even if you were to rip your tent it will still stay inflated – ITS JUST PRACTICAL MAGIC! If you need any further help or advice on the tent please feel free to contact me as I designed the TAN IN TENT – after years and years of trying to keep my tent clean Lisa Young

    • Tanya Hyde says:

      It sounds amazing Lisa! So is your TAN IN TENT different from others in the market? And with it inflating, do you have to carry a machine round with you and will that be lightweight? I think i have to try out this tent, sounds less hard work than mastering how to get it up and down 😉

  7. olivia says:

    Well done Lisa! It really does sound too good to be true, had to be designed by a woman to be so practical 😉
    Bendy’s days are numbered – Olivia xx

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