Tanning Booths

By David
Sep 4th, 2013
We have this week had the pleasure of receiving 3 x Maximist Evolution TNT for review / testing. We sent the 3 units out to 3 experienced highly critic...
By David
Jun 14th, 2013
I have finally tried it!! Now my opinion… It isn’t as fast as the pop up tanning cubicle, but i find you have time to talk to your client w...
By David
Apr 10th, 2013
I really want to try this machine!. There are mixed reviews. some say it misses in areas, like the underarm area or inside leg. So i looked on youtube ...
By David
Mar 6th, 2013
I have seen these around for a while and i’m just not sure about them. I have read about them and they just seem hard work, especially for cleani...
By David
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Sep 3rd, 2012
Spray tan tent’s are not the easiest thing to get down. Easy to get up though! So below i have done my best to help people put there tent down. 🙂...