Automatic spray tan booth

By David
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Apr 10th, 2013

automaticspraytanboothI really want to try this machine!. There are mixed reviews. some say it misses in areas, like the underarm area or inside leg. So i looked on youtube to find a bit more info. So here it is, see what you think

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  1. Chris Nelson says:

    Hi Tanya,

    Nice to see this post on the Opus 4 Automatic Spray Tan Booth. If you want to try this treatment and see for yourself (surprised at mixed reviews) then there are a number of places you can visit: –

    The Tanning Shop in Putney, Wimbledon, Chiswick, Soho, Lakeside & Lincoln

    Other locations include: –

    Divas & Dudes Bromley –

    Bella Bronze on the Wirrel –

    Indigo Sun Stirling –

    More locations posted soon as it’s about to get very big!!!!

    You’re also very welcome to visit us in Haddington near Edinburgh if you’re up that way and you can see Opus 4 in production, how they’re tested and receive your spray tan treatment.

    Opus 4 is the only Automatic Spray Tanning Booth that dares to offer spray tans in full public view at trade shows and will be doing its thing at EXPO Sydney this weekend, and also London Olympia Beauty in September.

    We question the ‘missing of areas’ such as underarms and inner legs as the spray treatment has been design to specifically spray these difficult areas with ease and out of 4,000 treatments +, in the UK, it has never been reported that this problem exists, and believe me when I say, if this were a reported problem then salons would inform us immediately. In fact, we rarely receive a complaint and have recorded just 8 complaints in 4,000+ treatments (which were due to an early nozzle fault which has now been eliminated). Seeing and experiencing is always believing. Many clients who have enjoyed the treatment say it’s the best tan they’ve ever had, with all sites seeing a high percentage of repeat custom.

    The USA version of Opus 4, with over 100 installations already, also provides excellent feedback from clients.

    There are other videos to watch of the prototype first ever treatment (even better now): –

    Full uncut footage here: –

    You can also read more about Opus 4 here: –

    You can see us on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Bella says:

    Opus 4 Available @
    Bella Bronze & Beauty Wirral
    Twitter BellaBronzeUK
    Facebook Bella Bronze

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