Amy Childs shows off her tanning range

By David
In Blog
Nov 20th, 2013

Amy Childs turned up at the Olympia Beauty Trade Show to advertise her new tanning range wearing what can only be described as an Ann Summers ‘play’ costume. A bit revealing? Yes, but there is a story behind why she wore it. The play costume was to coincide with the launch of ‘Amy Childs Academy’ which will specialise in fake tanning, beauty and how to set up your own business. Is there anything she can’t do? Amy herself is a trained beautician and a huge lover of anything fake. Students will be taught the basic steps of spray tanning and have the opportunity to purchase her tanning kits and salon uniforms.
I have had a sneak peak and think it’s a bit expensive, but she’s a celebrity and people will pay it. Starter kits start from £275, but have a look round first before committing to the first kit you see. Good luck to Amy and everything she’s doing, great inspiration for the younger ones. Well apart from some outfit she wears 🙂

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