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By Maxine Brown
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Mar 16th, 2015
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    Best to Test – Spray Tanning Patch Testing

Recently I have been asked by my students,
“How important is it really to patch test prior to tanning or indeed any treatment?”
“No one really patch tests all their clients do they?”

yes, really.

Whether you are just starting out as a student doing treatments from home / mobile or have your own high street salon – YES! Its always best to test!

I think very highly of patch testing and believe it not only protects you as a professional insurance wise but shows your clients and competition you are indeed a professional.

Think about it, you are going to be spraying your clients FULL body in a product they could have a reaction to. Yes reactions are few and far between but if the client does have an adverse reaction they could be hospitalised. The inconvenience of testing is far less than the inconvenience of a lawsuit.

Clients may argue;

”I simply don’t have the time” in this instance you need to outline the patch test is for their benefit. Providing a client card filled is filled and kept the client won’t need to do this again unless the solution brand or ingredients are changed or if there is a lengthy period since the last treatment.

“I have had a spray before and was fine” Ingredients vary between brands greatly and would you really put your business on the line on a new customers word?

I’m mobile, I cannot afford the time or money of patch testing 24 hours before treatments” Check with your insurance. Some insurers state patch testing 10-30 mins prior to tanning is sufficient under certain circumstances.

It is always best to test and most brands / insurers will ask for a patch test to be carried out 24 hours before tanning.

How to test?

Apply a small amount of the self tan product with a cotton bud to the inner crease of the elbow or behind the ear and mot insurers /. bands would ask you to leave for 24hrs.
If any contra-actions occur such as redness, swelling, inflammation or itching, avoid using the product as this is a positive reaction for sensitivity.

If no reaction occurs then it is fine to proceed with the full body application.

Best to check;

– Check the manufacturers guidelines
– Check with your insurer
– Always get a signature from your client on the consultation card and review this information regular for changes to the clients health / lifestyle
– Ensure you give your client the relevant aftercare instructions

Happy Tanning!

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  1. claire says:

    I always test – my insurance says at least 30 mins prior to treatment which I feel is sufficient if the client states they have been spray tanned before, have no allergies or areas of concern on the consultation. If anything worries me or if they are new to fake tanning ask to do it the day before. Yes not ideal for all situations but imagine if someone did have a reaction! Good reviews travel fast but bad reviews are like wild fire!! or so I imagine 😉

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