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Jan 23rd, 2015
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These few bullet points I have written are the most common salon experiences I have had

And I hope salons will take note.


  • Clients notice the smallest of things…


Most clients judge the salon by the hygiene of the restroom or is that just me?…

I judge salons on their toilets. If the washroom isn’t clean I start speculating about the hygiene of the coffee cup I’ve just been drinking from or their equipment!

And then there is the dilemma of drying my hands. I do not want to be greeted by a communal hand towel which has clearly been used by umpteen people throughout the day (and possibly the day before) An electric hand-dryer or individual mini towels may be beyond some budgets, but a good quality paper towel, just for me, is as cheap as chips and for me much appealing than a hanging towel.


  • “Your opinion is important to us card”


If you’re going to ask for my opinion please don’t stand there watching over me whilst I fill in the survey

Ask it whilst I’ve time on my hands sitting in the chair and can give it some proper attention instead of being struck at the reception while trying to pay

You also won’t make me feel I have to give you a meaningless 5 out of 5 because I’m in a hurry and being watched over.


  • A warm welcome


There’s nothing worse than walking into a new salon and everyone seems to stop and look at you like a cowboy in a saloon.

But that doesn’t mean completely ignore that person

A nice warm welcome in friendly environments is always nice

(A returning costumer is a happy customer! )<3


  1. Maxine Brown says:

    Another tip and something that really bothers me personally when I visit salons – tatty old posters!!
    Call it an OCD if you will but if I see an outdated poster, or one with tears / creases it really affects my opinion of the salon.
    Keep up with trends / seasons, keep your posters crisp and current 🙂

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