Fake Bake In administration

By David
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Jul 2nd, 2013

fakebakeFake Bake UK has gone into liquidation. Sandra McClumpha paid £10m for the right to distribute the tanning product in the UK but a few weeks ago a petition was submitted to the Sheriff’s Court for a winding-up order

Zolfo Cooper have confirmed that they had been appointed as provisional liquidators for the Bothwell-based company.

Annual accounts for the year 2010 showed the company had assets worth £2.1m and liabilities of £2.4m. It has been reported that her former business partner used Fake Bake to guarantee a rental agreement on another business, luxury kitchen firm Stone & Wolfe, which is also going through insolvency proceedings. A claim he denies

11 Responses to “Fake Bake In administration”

  1. olivia says:

    I had heard the company was having troubles. I worked for a beauty spa within a gym last year and we used Fake Bake. It was always a nightmare chasing the orders after we had placed them. We were always fed lines promising the delivery in several days for it not to arrive for weeks. Very unprofessional.

    So is this the very end of Fake Bake?
    – Olivia xx

    • Tanya Hyde says:

      I don’t think it’s the end, I have seen that they have got rid of the American Fake Bake and moved it to England. You are not the only person that has had trouble with orders. Shows that it’s worth researching before you buy. That is the main reason I will not buy from this brand. I don’t want to have tans booked in and my solution not arrive!

      • kiss-my-tan says:

        I am starting out with my tans and have seen very bad reviews on the customer service, stock and delivery from these. I don’t think there is any point in me even getting samples off them for that reason x

  2. michelle spray tan says:

    I absolutely love this solution! But it is getting on my nerves that I can’t get stock when I need it. I did wait a month for some on one occasion. So that’s why I’m on this site searching for a new solution. Impressed with what I’ve seen so far 🙂

  3. olivia says:

    I spoke with my old boss yesterday and they are still using Fake Bake. The salon now have a local rep from Fake Bake. This has restored their faith in the brand as they have 1 person to call for ordering and updates rather than the ‘old pillar to post’ routine I mentioned a few weeks ago. When the sales rep first called through she gave them free promotional material and seemed really friendly.
    Good luck to them I say, yes they have been on the rocks but its a good solution – Olivia xx

    • Tanya Hyde says:

      Having a rep doesn’t mean they will still be able to get hold of stock. Definitely good luck to whoever use these. We all need to have a solution that we can get as soon as we need it, this won’t be good for a busy salon.

  4. corben says:

    I think having the Rep will help restore faith but will come at great cost to the company surly? :/

    • Tanya Hyde says:

      Yes, reps will have to go out to salons at a cost. I have no idea how much, but it definitely wont be free. This is one to keep an eye on

      • sophie-jones says:

        I would never use a rep, if I can’t get hold of the solution when I want, what’s the point? My solution is always in stock, never have a problem. Customer service is fantastic x

  5. Cheryl says:

    Beauty-enhancement.com have fake bake stock available xx

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