Fake tan freckles set to be the fashion accessory of spring / summer 2015!

By Maxine Brown
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Sep 25th, 2014

For most ‘fashion beauty week’ trends will mean a new shade of lippy or a new pallet of eyeshadow to follow Londons lead. Not in 2015! This years style / beauty trend requires a lot more patience and skill.

We all know nothing says ‘healthy, cute and summer’ like sun kissed freckles. This year at London and Milan fashion week we have seen the new trend of Fake Freckles!
How you wear or bare a tan can make or break any style but if we take anything from this week we are told it is this.

After speaking to a few beauticians and makeup artists from the event they have all said it is THE thing we spray-tanners need to prepare for as it was the most talked about tan so far.
So how is it done?
I am personally blessed with a youthful complexion of dotted feckless (stop laughing) so this is not something I could try on myself. I however did ask if there were any tips to help get started;

It was said it is best to start with a light dusting all over base tan (say 6-8% DHA). Warning, if too much base tan is applied the freckles will not get through to penetrate the skin so less is more.
After this is touch dry (5 mins with most brands) the best way to create the freckles is to apply self tanning mousse of a darker shade (10-12% DHA) to a hard blush brush or even a paint brush and splatter it on.

brush freckles

If time is of the essence you can apply the freckles alone and finish with a light dusting of powder to quickly dry and prevent any smearing.

freckles - brush

The beauty of using the self tan to create the illusion of freckles is the self tan will not last more than a couple of days on the face so don’t worry if the look was not suited.

As ever I would say practice practice practice! Maybe trying the technique on yourself before offering this as a treatment in your salon. Remember natural freckles aren’t even so the quickest way to a draw attention to your FAKE freckles would be to have them perfectly spaced and symmetrical.

Freckles are predominantly found on the face, although they may appear on any skin exposed to the sun, such as arms or shoulders.

Good luck tanners 🙂

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