Male Tanning on the rise – experts warn of the risks

By Maxine Brown
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Jun 25th, 2015
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Male Grooming is feeding the surge. The intimidation of beauty salons being the woman zone has been slowly lifted over recent years with male manicures and facials but now apparently the biggest pull for males to visit their local salon is spray tanning.

A recent survey of over a thousand UK beauty salons, reported a business increase by 80% over recent years. It has been confirmed by beauty insiders that the increase is mainly down to the male demand for the all year round golden glow. TV reality shows such as TOWIE and stars like Joey Essex are fuelling the increase. Other reports have suggested it is the availability of salons and awareness of fashion and fitness putting pressure on our males – either way I don’t hear any therapist complaining!

The increased popularity of tanning amongst Britain’s men has led to 90 per cent of beauty salons hiring on average of up to five additional employees over the past five years to cope with demand

In an effort to achieve a deep dark natural looking tan, males are also hitting the UV tanning beds which NHS experts have warned will inevitably cause a rise in cases of skin cancer. Recent studies have shown the risk of developing melanoma is highest in those using sun beds before the age of 35. With tanning on the rise we are warned this is a ticking time bomb.

Tanning experts Suntana Spray Tan have added their opinion to recent findings stating “ We agree there certainly has been a rise in tan thirsty men within the beauty industry. There’s even been demand from our customers for marketing material aimed specifically towards male tanning.

Commenting on the increased use of UV beds, Suntana added, “We do hope males and females alike take precautions when UV tanning. Spray tans have proven to be the safest option for golden glow at an affordable price – Fake it, don’t bake it!

So is male tanning for you?

Do you see an increase in demand for male treatments?

Would you feel comfortable performing a spray tan on a male?

We would love to hear your thoughts and views.

Happy Tanning!!

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  1. Katy says:

    I’ve almost convinced the hubby to have a tan so I do believe it is becoming more acceptable for males to fake it 😉

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