Salon say’s no scientific link between sunbeds and cancer

By David
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Mar 21st, 2013

sunbedcancerHave you ever heard anything so ridiculous in your life!? Who on this earth does not know that UV ray’s increase the risk of skin cancer? Wether it be the sun or sunbeds, you are exposing yourself to harmful UV ray’s! In this day and age when you put up a poster saying sunbeds don’t lead to skin cancer, you are going to get the younger generation using the sunbeds everyday! This is wrong! There is an example of this, a 14 year old girl suffered 70% burns from using a sunbed. She obviously has not been told any precautions to take whilst using the sunbeds. If you are going to use sunbeds, i suggest talking to a professional first for how long to go on for and the risks of using sunbeds.

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  1. Ann Utter says:

    This is just so wrong! I would never want my children to go on the sunbeds! EVER! My daughter is 12 and at her age she is getting into anything that represents beauty. She has asked me if she can go on the sunbeds, i said no and introduced her to spray tans. She doesn’t go over the top with this. But if introducing her to spray tans stops her going to sunbeds, then so be it.

  2. Maxine Brown says:

    I agree this is ridiculous! I read this in a paper only a couple of weeks ago too, the stupid person!!
    For years worked in a salon directly across the street form a sunbed shop and to actually see the lac of concern for peoples health was gut wrenching! youngsters going in on their way home from school in their uniform! We obviously reported them and it didn’t help much, the young girls would turn up in a group with an older person I assume stating it was their mother/aunt or guardian and seemed to still be using the beds.
    Sun bed shops have in the past seemed above the law. I’m so happy news such as this has been put out there to reiterate the dangers! spray tanning all the way! 🙂

  3. Tanya Hyde says:

    I think sunbeds shop will see a naive young person and think ‘i could make a lot of money off these’. Of course they are not going to know the dangers of sunbeds, they just see it’s ‘fashion’ to be tanned and not know about spray tan’s! This needs to be put out there more to warn people of the dangers of sun beds, then it’s down to them if they still take the risk or not

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