Skin cancer causes more deaths each year than RTA’s

By Maxine Brown
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Jul 8th, 2015

Research has revealed that skin cancer is now responsible for more deaths than road traffic accidents each year.
This sad news comes after years of campaigners stressing the importance of safe tanning, UV protection and creating awareness of the signs to get checked.
Last year alone a study was conducted revealing 8 out of 10 people worry about skin cancer and the risks accosted with natural / UV tanning – yet 72% of people admit to being burnt last year.

Britain itself is considered the wet and windy island yet skin cancer is the most common cancer here?

According to a study reviled this week more than 2148 people died from skin cancer last year. This is 20% more than deaths associated with road traffic accidents. This is also a 12% increase on last years figures.

Its the law to wear seat belts on a daily basis whenever we get into a car, even when just popping to the shops, so why does no one insist you protect your skin in the same way with protecting sun creams?

What to look for;
* A spot or sore that does not heal within 4 weeks
* A spot or sore that itches, hurts, is scabbed or crusty, or bleeds for more than 4 weeks
* Areas where the skin has broken down (an ulcer) and doesn’t heal within 4 weeks, and you can’t think of a reason for this change

The importance of safe tanning cannot be stressed enough.
If you have a tan addict friend – point them to the nearest fake tan salon.
If you see a suspicious mark on yourself, a friend or even a client – tell them to get it checked.
You could save a life.

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