Spray tan for teenagers recalled over fears it could cause breathing problems

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Aug 5th, 2013

A spray tan for teenagers has been recalled over fears that it can cause breathing problems
Boots has recalled its Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzing Spray, which is aimed at young girls buying their first beauty products.
But last night it warned customers to stop using the fake tan immediately because of a ‘safety issue’ following reports of customers suffering ‘respiratory issues’.
Experts last night said the recall was ‘very distressing’.
Alyson Hogg, head of Vita Liberata, which sells organic self-tanning products, added: ‘I should think it is a dangerous combination of alcohol, the chemicals they use and the fact they are airborne – so the way the sprays are transported around the room and inhaled.
‘I would advise all young girls to avoid cheap products with a lot of chemicals in them. Spray tans should only be done professionally – they should stick to lotions and creams to be safe.’
She said there is a problem of teenagers ‘over-spraying’ and using too much in a small bedroom can cause breathing issues.
‘Mums should engage with their daughters and help make sure they pick the purest products without alcohol and ensure they apply them safely,’ the founder of the luxury brand said.
‘Some of what is on the shelf is so cheap I struggle to understand how they afford to manufacture them.’
The recall notice also covered Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze Wash-Off Bronzer spray.
Nearly 13,000 of the Soltan and Seventeen fake tans have been sold since their launch 18 months ago.
Boots said it had ‘identified a problem’ in its quality monitoring programme, but refused to give any further information.
Barry Mulcahy, of the Recall UK website, which lists products withdrawn from sale, said: ‘If Boots was really worried about its customers it would issue a statement saying what the problem is.’
A Boots spokesman said yesterday: ‘If you’ve bought this for someone else would you please let them know about this as soon as possible.
‘Anyone returning the product will receive an alternative product or a refund.’

7 Responses to “Spray tan for teenagers recalled over fears it could cause breathing problems”

  1. sally says:

    Oh my goodness! That is terrible! A very costly error I imagine!

  2. Maxine Brown says:

    Good grief!!
    I like the fact that this report, (copied from the daily mail I presume Tanya), highlights the fact that spray tans should only be done by professionals. But I massively Dislike the fact they realise the inhalation risk after 13,000 units have been sold!!
    Yes by all means this could be just a few isolated incidents of young buyers using a lot of the spray in a very small room with no ventilation but if this is a product aimed at teenagers and poses a risk if not used ‘correctly’ then it shouldn’t be marketed for teenagers!!?

  3. corben says:

    I agree with you both, I think this will have come at great cost to the company’s bank as well as their reputation! I do think this is going to throw doubt back in to the subject of ‘are spray tans safe’… it didn’t really affect me last year when everyone was talking about it as I was just starting out but it tought me to be prepared;
    Extractor Fan – Check!
    Nose filters – Check!
    Consultation – Check!
    Natural/ Organic solution – Check! 🙂

  4. Tanya Hyde says:

    It is always best to go for organic. They have all natural ingredients so can’t be harmful. I do think after this article a lot of people will question if it is safe. But it is safer than sunbeds and that would be my main concern to stay away from them. A room does need to be well ventilated, not just because of the horrendous over spray 😛 Extractor fans are a god send!

    • kiss-my-tan says:

      I must admit, I have never tried to spray myself when I was younger, I used them lotions that was instant. Surely this tan would look horrible as its not professional? Anyone got a picture? lol. I wouldn’t like people to go on sunbeds thinking it’s ‘safer’ after this. Not a lot of people know that sunbeds are really harmful.

  5. sophie-jones says:

    Just seen this on Facebook and had to comment! I think this is going to down grade spray tans. Normal people who just get spray tans and don’t know what we as spray tanners do to make sure the room is well ventilated, and the client is prepared properly. I hope we don’t get slated just because people don’t get a spray professionally. I too use only organic products which is the safest and the best spray tan solution in my opinion x

  6. courtney says:

    This is scary! I hope it doesn’t cause concern either but I have health and safety documents and like you Corben take care to protect me and my clients so I’m covered.
    Hope no one was seriously hurt too – Courts 🙂 xxx

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