Summer Glow or Major No-No??

By David
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Oct 21st, 2014
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We must have all been there at some time or another…. You want to give yourself a little post-summer boost with a fake tanning session, only it goes HORRIBLY WRONG! We only need to take a look in the media for those celebrity tan disasters to see that it happens to us all!

So, what do you do when you’ve ended up looking like an Oopa Lumpa? Cry? Scream? Lock yourself indoors? NO!! – Here are some tips for a quick fix! –


1. Stop scrubbing!! Excess scrubbing in the shower will only worsen the situation and make you look like you’ve got some strange skin disorder – and NEVER think it’s a good idea to cover it up with some more fake tan… it’s not!

2. Enjoy a good long soak in an oily bath. The oil will not only make your skin beautifully smooth moisturized – it will also make the tan fade evenly and naturally… without scrubbing. Yay! 🙂


3. Try taking a dip at your local swimming pool. The chlorine in the water will also help to fade any unwanted tan marks. You may look like a Satsuma stepping into the pool – but you’ll be as good as new when you’re leaving.




4. Try rubbing a wedge of lemon over any super orange patches and this will lift the colour… You’ll smell good too 😉


5. Still looking too orange? Your only hope may be to try an actual fake tan remover such as ‘Sunless Tan Removal Wipes’.

One Response to “Summer Glow or Major No-No??”

  1. Darla says:

    anit-dandruff shampoo works for unwanted tan spots 🙂 xx

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