What offers work for you?

By Maxine Brown
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Apr 9th, 2013

tanningevolutionWe all have our slow weeks in the beauty industry and most of us will run offers or promotions to help us through these times, what I would like to know is;

What offers/ promotions actually worked for you?

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5 Responses to “What offers work for you?”

  1. Tanya Hyde says:

    I think packages work well as we normally get a spray tan for occasions or a night out. I offer lashes or nails or eyebrows with a spray tan from £20. No girl can say no to that! And its working well for me so far.

  2. Ann Utter says:

    I have buy one tan get another half price! And also loyalty cards. I may try your offer though Tanya, i wouldn’t be able to say no to that offer either!

  3. michelle spray tan says:

    I have loyalty cards for now but starting up my Facebook and twitter to get offers out there via them. Seems to work for other people. I have seen a lot of bring a friend for a spray tan and get yours free! Don’t think I can afford that offer

    • Tanya Hyde says:

      Spray tan parties are a good way to get a few girls in and the host gets a spray for free. So a party of 6 girls, the host gets hers free and charge £10 for the others? That’s £50 there

  4. sophie-jones says:

    3 treatments for ‘x’ amount.
    I often do a bargain list of treatments, the client pays say £30 for the 3 treatments of their choice. Always be sure to add on the poster/ leaflet ‘Great gift idea’ x

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