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    I have today had to turn a client away as she had freshly burnt skin.

    I didn’t cover this condition on my training and wonder is it safe? Or have I just lost custom? :/

    Any advice would be appreciated – thank you!

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    Im not 100% on the do’s and dont’s but I have sprayed my sister after she has caught the sun and it covered fine.
    It wasn’t major burn but you could see the pink / white lines.
    The solution I use has Aloe in so might also be soothing 😉

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    I was taught not to spray aggravated skin and I would say this comes under this.
    As a professional I would say its best to avoid!

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    Hi Tanningbymii,
    I have read on another forum its best not to.
    Heat makes the solution deteriorate or expire so results wouldn’t be guaranteed as the temperature of her burnt skin will be so high.
    Also imagine how your tan will look in a few days when she peels from the burns! Bad advert for your business.
    As shelly-tan has said I say best not to as she could kick up a fuss and hold you to blame if the resulting tan isn’t what she expected.

    Silly girl – Fake it! Don’t bake it! :*

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    I just this weekend discovered its best not to.
    I sprayed my friend in coconut after she admitted she had caught a little sun a couple of days earlier.
    you could still see it was a little on the pink side but we decided to go ahead.
    I met up with her the following day and she was very dark in the places she had caught the sun (arms and shoulders).
    she wasn’t too bothered but knowing we have her wedding tan coming up in a few weeks I have advised she’s better staying away from natural tanning until after the big day! 🙂

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