Where do you store your tan?

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    Most solutions have a 6/12 month shelf life

    To ensure you get the maximum from your solutions I recommend a few places to store your tan…
    The main tip I suggest is storing your solution in the refrigerator-
    The reason for this is that the solution is controlled by the low temperature, this will prevent premature deterioration of the solution.
    BUT, don’t refrigerate to the point of freezing! With some brands frozen solution may cause the same deterioration as warm solution would do.
    Another way to store your solution is in room temperature preferably in a dry area away from direct sunlight, although sunlight might not have much effect on the solution because most products are held in a solid bottle but I will still advise to keep in a dark place.
    DHA is the main tanning ingredient and when DHA becomes warm it may cause the solution to go bad, the first sight of this is discolouration of the solution – a very noticeable green/blue colour will appear in the product.
    I highly recommend leaving your tan in a cool place, and DO NOT leave it out in the warmth for too long, once used put it straight back again 🙂

    Happy Tanning -ox

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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